Bryan Ohno is president of Urban Art Concept and principal workshop facilitator for Think as an Artist. Ohno's background in the arts stretches over two decades where he served as a director of two art galleries (Seattle/Tokyo), and a consultant to emerging and established artists, including Dale Chihuly. He has curated and developed over 100 international shows and exhibits, specializing in sculpture. At Urban Art Concept Ohno's work embraces art, in all of its forms, to inspire human connection. These unexpected art installations are designed to enliven the grey in our city landscape. Currently a Seattle gallery owner and art consultant, Ohno is always looking ahead to the next big event.

Ohno's recent projects include Spiral Art Project at Lake Union Park supported by Seattle University and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2012), Seattle Parks and Recreation ARTSparks (2012), Mad Homes on Capitol Hill (2011), and numerous private workshops, installations, and guest lectures.

Bryan Ohno

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Urban Art Concept embraces all creative platforms to inspire human connection.  

Currently in progress is the reinvigoration of alleyways in the Seattle borrough of Belltown. Urban Art Concept believes art can be utilized to boldly improve everyday urban life.

Urban Art Concept has worked with professional artists and writers, ARTSparks, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Seattle University on notable projects such as Flying Kite (2012), Spiral Art Project at Lake Union Park (2012), Read with Me (2012), and Mad Homes on Capitol Hill (2011).

Urban Art Concept was founded by Bryan Ohno in 2000 with the inaugural event Calligraphy in Dance in Volunteer Park.