A professional development program to empower your "Creative Fitness" from the traditions of the artist's creativity adapted for the business mind

Your visceral creativity enhanced

ArtRefresh is an effective deep thinking practice before, during and after your daily work. Inbetween strategising, analizing and implementing work tasks, refreshing the individual and team mind helps reassess, re-calibrate and improve sound thoughts for your business practice. By honing in your intuitve creativity, ArtRefresh aims to better balance your logical thinking. This catalytic fusion of intuitive thinking makes for a better, faster and more fulfilling atmosphere for all.  

All three are designed as 90-minutes of art studio sessions followed by 30 minutes of reflection.





ArtRefresh, Spark - Part 1.

An art studio session designed for total immersion into your intuitive side. You will see, hear, and feel the depth of your senses as only an artist would. The analytical mind will be silenced, replaced by an atmosphere of unexpected journeys for a chance to connect with your inner self in a new and visceral way. It’s not about becoming a painter or sculptor, but rather experiencing the "language of art" and how you can incorporate this thought process to the logical and syntactical language.  

ArtRefresh, Fusion - Part 2.

An art studio session to encourage the intuitive and the logical side of your mind to co-exist. While focused on your creative flow, the facilitator will identify moments for each participant to channel and capture emerging syntactical thoughts without halting the creative flow. Effective approaches will be explored individually. This is the backbone for turning ephemeral thoughts into structure. A space designed to continuously stoke the imaginative mind for the analytical side to frame it for subsequent practice. Action first, analyze later.

ArtRefresh, Full Circle - Part 3.

In this art studio session, we will bring the ArtRefresh to a full circle, exploring two levels of creative thinking - from primal to applied design. From imagining, “what if” to the real life of “how to solve.” The deeper we think, the more we are able to shed conventions and boundaries of utility. The goal is to take a path into the non-linear thought and to form ways to view our sense of reality in multiple levels. We then embrace the thought with the binary nature of our syntax language and science logic. At this art studio session, more philosophical elements will be shared. By using the “language of art,” as a new tool, we will tap the unconscious, intuitive side of our human nature.  


Be inquisitive

Think deeply