ArtRefresh empowers your Creative fitness, an ability to look at a familiar situation in a new way, to receive the same input and produce different results.

Your Visceral Creativity Enhanced

Deepening your Creative Fitness through Artful Thinking

ArtRefresh is a workshop with a theatrical improvisational vibe, challenging your constitution and imagination. An atmosphere to Think as an Artist.   


without exercizing

the logic or syntax language

Imagining not Analyzing

When was the last time you were taught how to be creative? Just being told to be creative or think outside the box, usually leads to people shutting down or hitting a wall. Ideas don’t flow from command, so how can we learn to be creative?

Backdoor ART

into your work life

Connecting your LEFT analytical and RIGHT intuitive   


Fosters new human bonds and connections that otherwise wouldn't occur in a regular business and personal life through doing and art project together.

ArtRefresh - Spark

A 2-hour creative fitness studio session to jump start your creativity that has been silent and ready to burst out.

ArtRefresh - Sustained

A 2-month creative fitness course developing the individual and team's creative flow with habit forming sustainable practices.

Express Who You Are