Deepening your Creative Fitness through Artful Thinking



A professional development program to empower your "Creative Fitness" from the traditions of the artist's creativity adapted for the business mind

Team workshop Creative Fitness 2.0

Division workshop Creative Fitness 3.0

Company wide workshop Creative Fitness 4.0

x10 people plus

50-100 people

100-500 people

90 minutes

90-120 minutes.

Designed 1month program

Designed 3-6 month program

Your visceral creativity enhanced

Schedule your own ArtRefresh sessions at your company or offsite location

Implements a division wide Creative Fitness program to empower the entire team

Improving team creativity

Develop team reciprocity

Improving vision empathy

Catalytic sensors development

Balance the right & left brain

1.0 + 2.0 and...Lifting creative fitness for the entire division

New year/quarter kickoff

Product developemnt

Marketing planning

Human management skills

1.0 + 2.0+ 3.0 and... Develping a sustained creative culture

New year/quarter kickoff

Product developemnt

Marketing planning

Human management skills




Investment plus

What is ArtRefresh ?

ArtRefresh is an effective deep thinking practice before, during and after your daily work. Inbetween strategising, analizing and implementing work tasks, refreshing the individual and team mind helps reassess, re-calibrate and improve sound thoughts for your business practice. By honing in your intuitve creativity, ArtRefresh aims to better balance your logical thinking. This catalytic fusion of intuitive thinking makes for a better, faster and more fulfilling atmosphere for all.  

Make Creative Fitness a weekly practice to improve  deep thinking on a sustained basis.

Individual workshop Creative Fitness 1.0

x1 person

For personal development

Getting unstuck

Hone in multi-linear thinking

Empowering your sensors

Balance the right & left brain


Be inquisitive

Think deeply

Join the ArtRefresh sessions organized by Urban Art Concept