Select Exhibitions/Art Projects


Chalk Wall Art cafe, Weyerhaeuser Company, Seattle, WA

Think as an Artist, dvsgnr, Devsigner Conference, Portland, OR


Green Squared, Occidental Park, ARTSparks, Seattle WA

Flying Freeway, Freeway Park, ARTSparks, Seattle WA

Read with Me, Occidental Park, ARTSparks, Seattle, WA

The Spiral Project, Lake Union Park, Seattle, WA


Mad Homes, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

The Crystal Tree installation, Mercer Island, Seattle WA

The Iron Samurai Project, Tokyo, Japan


MadArt in the Park, MadArt, Cal Anderson Park, Seattle, WA


MadArt Redux, Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, WA

The Window Art Project, MadArt, Madison Park, Seattle, WA

Paul Vexler Platonic Solids/Helix/Mosaic Transformation

Exhibition, Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA


5th Annual Westedge Sculpture Exhibition, Seattle, WA

(Exhibition through Bryan Ohno Gallery)


Katina Huston, Shadow Series, Ink on mylar

Patricia Hagan, Fragile Attachments, Acrylic

Matt Wainwright, In Focus, paintings


Jay Backstrand, New Paintings

Marc Katano, Paintings

Lisa Zerkowitz, Landscape, Sculptures

Anna Daedalus, Photographs


Mary Henry, Constructivist Paintings

Minoru Ohira, Sculpture

Reid Ozaki, White Ceramics with Copper on Porcelain

William Dubin, Mechanamorphic Sculptures

Junko Iijima, Hybrids Sculptures


Isamu Noguchi, Galvanized Steel Sculpture

Minoru Ohira, Recycled wood sculpture

Larry Bemm, Oil on canvas paintings


Lisa Buchanan, Oil on canvas paintings

Ben Darby, Acrylic on board paintings

Isabel Kahn, Scrolls, paper and ink

Osamu Saito, Woodblock prints


Seattle Asian Art Museum - Bokuden Matsuda Art demonstration project

Lynda Benglis, Recent sculptures, ceramics, glass, and bronze

Shelly Corbett, Infinite Jest, underwater photographs


Isamu Noguchi, Exhibition designed by George Suyama & Jay Deguchi

Albert Paley, Pilchuck steel & glass


Ryoji Koie Ceramic project with University of Washington & Akio Takamori

Ando Hiroshige’s 53 Stations of Tokaido collection from Daiichi Museum

Robert Maki, Wood and Steel sculpture exhibition, two locations

Italo Scanga, Sculpture & Paintings

Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne, Australia, Koie Ryoji, Dale Chihuly

Monumental Sculpture, Dale Chihuly, Ginny Ruffner, Italo Scanga,

Maria Lugossy, Alessandro Diaz de Santillana, and Mary Van Cline


Albert Paley, Steel sculptures and Furniture

Italo Scanga, Pentimento, Paintings and sculptures

Wendell Castle, Wood sculptures and furniture

James Lee Hansen, bronze sculpture

Dale Chihuly, Curated the inaugural exhibit at the Daiichi Museum, Nagoya, Japan


Ramon Orlina, APEC arch and Glass Sculptures

Yang Hui-Shan, Buddhism Glass Sculptures, Mitsukoshi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Seattle Art Fair

Bryan Ohno Gallery & Urban Art Concept


Isamu Noguchi, University of Washington Press, ISBN 0-295-98017-6

Ryoji Koie, University of Washington Press, ISBN 0-295-97971-2

Monumental Sculpture

Four Acts in Glass, American Craft Museum, NY

Ramon Orlina, Sculpted glass

Pentimento, Italo Scanga


A “Spiral of Hope” for an end to homelessness, June 8, 2012

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Impatient Optimists” blog

King 5 TV, Flying Freeway, Seattle, WA  (’12)

King 5 TV, The Spiral Project, Seattle, WA (’12)

Mad Homes, Seattle Times (’11)

KOMO TV, Mad Homes, Seattle WA (’11)

Mad Art in the Park, Seattle Times (’10)

The Window Art Project, Seattle Times (’09)

The 5th Annual Westedge Sculpture Exhibition (’08)

Guest Lectures/Art Workshops/Special Events

dvsgnr, Devsigner Conference, Portland, OR - Think as an Artist ('16)

Richard Serra, Wake sculpture tour, REMIX, Seattle Art Museum (’12)

Albers Business School, MBA, Professor Greg Magnan, Seattle University, Seattle WA (’12)

Photography, Professor Rebecca Cummins, University of Washington (’12)

Design, Professor Harold Kawaguchi, University of Washington (’12)

25th Annual Artist Trust Gala, Art Auction Presenter (’12)

Henry Art Gallery, Art Outside the Norm, Seattle WA  (’12)

Art Outside the Norm, Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA (’11)

Art Outside the Norm, Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, WA (’11)

National Medal Award ceremony for Art Patron Shigeru Ichihara, Daiichi Museum in Nagoya, Japan, In Japanese  (’04)

Isamu Noguchi, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle WA (’03)

Consulting Advisory/Board

Shupike, board member, Seattle, WA (2016 ~ Present)

4 Culture, Art Advisory Board, (’13 ~ Present)

MadArt, Founding director, Seattle WA (’09 ~ ‘12)

4 Culture, Art Organization Annual Funding Award Committee (’11)

School of the Art, University of Washington, Advisory Board (’98 ~ ‘05)

Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition, Selection Juror, Bellevue Arts Commission (’04)

International Sculpture Center, New Jersey, NY, Board of Directors (’03~’05)

Seattle Art Dealer Association (’98 ~ ’05)