Flying Freeway

Flying Freeway, a community-based project in Freeway Park, was organized in order to activate the green space and encourage community members to engage with the park in a new and creative way. Bryan Ohno and Urban Art Concept aimed to humanize the space of Freeway Park by bringing the community together to decorate it with a flourish of color and unique personality. Artists, families, and neighbors all came together to paint kites that were later strung throughout the park for several weeks after the weekend event. The process of creating the kites in the park stimulated connection and relationships between everyone who participated, as the community came together to have some fun and decorate the park.

In addition, UAC installed two site-specific artworks spanning the recreational space and continuing underneath the park’s large concrete bridge, consisting of hundreds of pieces of colorful tape of different lengths. The flash of color brought life and cheer to the otherwise dark, grey space. The kites and tape installation introduced a greater sense of lightness and movement to the park, and the hand-made kites provided a tangible human connection.