Read with Me

"something enlightening"

"something inspiring"

"Hand, or Two Hands, or Three"

M Thompson

Lamp-Post 1

"Variations on a Lamp Post"

Greg Bem

Lamp-Post 2

"Pole Song"

Justin Noga

Post 1

"Wall on Lake"

WIllie Fitzgerald

Post 2

"Man & Bear"

M Thompson

Man Sculpture

"Tree Inside a Tree"

Kevin Sampsell

Tree 1

"The Map"

Stacey Levine

Tree 2

"Venn Diagram"

Darren Davis

Tree 4

"Occidental Trees"

Len Kuntz

Tree 5

"Resisting Resistance"

Bernadette Pajer

Manhole Cover

"The Magic Post"

Bernadette Pajer

Post 1

"Whale Heart"

Jane Wong

Totem Pole

"Home in Anything"

Lamp-Post 2

Jamey Braden

"About a Bear"

Richard Chiem

Bear Sculpture

Featured Works

Read With Me was covered by blogs and news sources, including 4Culture and Council Connection.

Thought and effort goes into the creation and maintenance of every aspect of the city, but often the beauty of the mundane is overlooked. Urban Art Concept worked with ArtSparks to change the lens through which we view everyday fixtures in Occidental Park such as lamp-posts, manholes, trees, and iron poles. By altering how we look at these natural and manmade objects, existing art receives a renewed perspective and functional objects are placed in an artistic context.

In addition to constructing large, colorful pedestals for Occidental Park’s pre-existing structures, UAC invited several incredibly talented up-and-coming Pacific Northwest writers to create creative literary works inspired by the park. Provocative poems and short stories accompany each fixture-turned-sculpture.

Want to know more?

Read the Press Release from the event!