The Magic Post

The Magic Post

Bernadette Pajer

Many pass who do not care,

I stand here day and night.

My magic isn't seen by those

so limited in sight.

For YOU who pause to look at me

and ponder what you see,

I have treasure gladly offered,

and always, it is free.

I may be small, but I am proud

And pleasing to the eye.

I block vehicles from entering and hitting passersby.

I am a seat to rest upon after a long day.

I am a launch for spritely youths

to leapfrog as they play.

I'm just the height for little ones

to grasp and run in rings;

their dreams ignite as static leaps

from tips of finger wings.

For YOU who pause and understand

and truly see my worth,

magic lives within your heart,

and everywhere on earth.

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