Developing your Creative Fitness


The catalytic nature of ArtRefresh is to hone in on human instinct, unleashing our primal brain to embrace today's reality, or more to the point—Creative Fitness. As we unblock our over used linear and logical thoughts, we soften and reshape our mind processes. Our states of discovery and purpose become malleable. It is a powerful feeling and experienced with a visceral clarity. The secret lies in the ability to deploy new shifts in thinking by evading deeply trodden paths. Creativity comes in suspended moments, outside the cubicle.  We think more deeply; we remove the daily pressures sidelining creativity. It becomes a seamless journey into new territories—with total connectivity of the mind, body and spirit. Successful artists sustain their creativity practices similarly.

Art creation is an ancient act humans have used to make sense of the world. From early tactile to developed sound and visual, our senses have been the GPS system of human evolution. The industrial age drew on our visual and design abilities to invent new products and infrastructure. Combined with science, it softened the linear and grid structure with that of human touch.

Similarly, the language of art has evolved into a new navigational syntax. Expanding human empathy into our life design is an “Everest” challenge. Human relationships evolve as individual worlds embrace true global connectivity. We race to augment our lives with new services and products to realize the best of society. In a titanic shift, businesses are adapting a multi-linear perspective, one that is sustainable and equitable for all global citizens. This is the infinity loop we seek.

ArtRefresh attempts to reengage the body and mind to its unencumbered creative state. It is a true workout. You know when it happens. Your entire being becomes hungry as when undertaking a strenuous physical work exercise. It is a great feeling.  

Bryan Ohno

January 2018

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