What is ArtRefresh?

Backdoor ART

into your work life

Imagining not Analyzing

Fusing your LEFT analytical and RIGHT intuitive  


without exercizing

the syntax language

How did ArtRefresh begin?

Think as an Artist studio sessions were developed over a 4 year period starting in 2011 when Ohno held creativity workshops with Seattle University MBA students as part of the Innovative Business Practices class. He discovered how playful creativity could be immediately jump started in an improvisational style setting of engagement.

About Bryan Ohno

Ohno has over two decades of comprehensive art experience. As an artist and gallery owner(Bryan Ohno Gallery), he has organized and curated hundreds of art exhibits globally. He has worked with art champions including Dale Chihuly, Isamu Noguchi, and Lynda Benglis. Ohno has introduced Socially Engaged Art projects around town, such as the Spiral Art Project from grants by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Fly a Kite at the Freeway Park through funding from the Seattle Parks & Recreation. Ohno serves on the Art Advisory Board for King County's 4Culture and board member of Shunpike that powers the business of art.

As an art gallerist curating exhibits and working as a socially engaged artist, I have witnessed the approach artists take in order to activate their creativity through their mind, body and spirit. Through a series of adaptive discussions and integrated art practices, I will share how you can Think as an Artist when you want to bring your creative intuitive perspective into play.

The Creative Fitness Philosophy Behind

Deepening your Creative Fitness through Artful Thinking

How do we do this in business?


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A professional development program to empower your "Creative Fitness" from the traditions of the artist's creativity adapted for the business mind.

Your visceral creativity enhanced

ArtRefresh is an effective deep thinking practice before, during and after your daily work. Inbetween strategising, analizing and implementing work tasks, refreshing the individual and team mind helps reassess, re-calibrate and improve sound thoughts for your business practice. By honing in your intuitve creativity, ArtRefresh aims to better balance your logical thinking. This catalytic fusion of intuitive thinking makes for a better, faster and more fulfilling atmosphere for all.  

ArtRefresh is a workshop with a theatrical improvisational vibe, challenging your constitution and imagination. An atmosphere to Think as an Artist.   

When was the last time you were taught how to be creative? Just being told to be creative or think outside the box, usually leads to people shutting down or hitting a wall. Ideas don’t flow from command, so how can we learn to be creative?

Discovering your intuition

through your five senses